About us

We are an informal initiative of employees of across the institutes of the Czech Academy of Sciences. Our activities started in December 2019 when we wrote up Call for ecological and climate sustainability to the Czech Academy of Sciences, which we sent to the Academy Council. The letter was accompanied by almost 300 signatures of employees, including 12 directors of institutes of the Czech Academy of Sciences. Our aim is to substantially further the issue of sustainability by collaborating with the management of the Academy.

So far we have been enjoying working together and respecting our diverse opinions without having any official structure.

We welcome new members among employees of the Academy (including emeriti and affiliated students).


Our email is info@sustainableacademy.cz. You can use this email to subscribe to our mailing list (at most 1 email per month). Alternatively, you can contact some of us directly: Zuzana Harmáčková, Jan Hladký, Vojtěch Pravda, Tereza Stöckelová, Kamil Vlček.

You can find us on Facebook; this is a private group but generally new members are admitted. (We acknowledge that Facebook's business model and the impact it has had in many areas are bad).


Domain sustainableacademy.cz is owned by the Institute of Mathematics of the Czech Academy of Sciences.


  • Zuzana Harmáčková
  • Jan Hladký
  • Vojtěch Pravda
  • Tereza Stöckelová
  • Kamil Vlček